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Welcome all to our romance books in English. This new serie « Culture Café Collection » is co-written with my dear friend Naya Alexis.

Three friends open together a Café in Montreux, Switzerland. The books follow their lives, or their friend’s and family’s.

They work, they travel, they meet new people, they fall in love… and more, with sometimes kinks, and affinity.

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First book, a biraccial barista and a bi contractor

All Marie Castella wanted for this summer was to focus on the renovations of the café she was opening with her friends. Men were definitely the last thing on her mind.
But then, Edon Kostas walked in and decided that working shirtless was the way to do things. And now, Marie couldn’t keep her eyes, or her mind away from him.

Edon Kostas never expected to inherit his uncle’s company, yet he left it to him so he could go back home to Croatia.
So now, he’s working for a team of friends as his team builds their dream place. All was good, and he was keeping his eyes on the price.
But then, Marie Castella appeared, with her long legs and warm brown skin. Suddenly, Edon couldn’t keep his thoughts away from her.

Their summer was going to be an interesting one…































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